Yi You Charity(‘Yi You’ means 100 million friends) is a non-profitand non-government advocacy organisation. Dedicated to increasing publicawareness of the liver disease and advocating for the needs of Hepatitis BVirus(HBV) carriers, Yi You is working presently at advocacy of broader medicalaccess for HBV carriers as well as elimination on discrimination against HBVcarriers in the working fields, and organising campaigns for raising Hepatitisawareness.

YiYou has played an important part in successfully promoting the state government to launch a ban on Hepatitis B Tests in enrollment and recruitment, and toimplement policies allowing HBV carriers to work in industries involving food,medicine,oil and air. We have been striving to call for equal rights in theeducation and working fields for 100 million HBV carriers.


To create an equal and friendly social environment for HBV carriers; to strivefor every patient’s access to medication.


To raise Hepatitis awareness, to eliminate discrimination, to extend access ofHepatitis B medication which includes to decrease medicine price, to increasethe health insurance coverage, and to promote health care for Hepatitis Boutpatients.


To mobilisemultilateral powers, to encourage individuals and communities to changemindsets and join in our campaigns, to increase media exposure, and to urge thepolicymakers.  


Let 100 million HBV carriers to be your friends.